Hooks Home Bound Rescue

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Please see our Hero's Corner to see all those that are Honored for their Heroism is the towing industry and helped us save lives!!  

Other laws to assist in safe driving:

Slow Down / Move Over

The following States have a move over law that includes Tow Trucks as Emergency Vehicles. 
What does this means to you?? 
To be a hero, you must move over one whole lane (if possible) when passing an emergency vehicle! If not possible, you must slow down to average 20mph under posted speed limits!

These states currently do not have a Slow down/Move over Law that includes Tow Truck Operators!!!

These States do have a Law that includes Tow trucks under their Slow Down/Move over Law! 
Please click the State to see the law directly!

(Be advised each link above goes to other company pages! You are advised that each page holds their own rules and regulations on the pages provided. We ask that you follow their rules and regulations and terms of use!) 

Thank you sent to the American Safety Commission for the information provided!!!