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Welcome to Hooks Home Bound Rescue

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:) Welcome to our Blog Section and Welcome to Hooks Home Bound Rescue! :)

If this is your first time viewing our Rescue we welcome you! If you have been with us, you have seen we have undergone major changes in advancing our rescue to make it better for you!

Who we are! 

Hooks Home Bound Rescue is a two part rescue group of volunteers that care not only about the animals but the communities they live in!

Just in our name itself you can see what we do:


(is a nick name for Tow Truck Driver, used for many many years)

These Professionals risk their lives daily for the emergency roadside calls that most of us face with our vehicles. 

When you call a tow truck company, a Hook comes out to you ready to assist you in whatever roadside vehicle issue you may have, no matter where you are, what time of day it is, or what kind of situation they may face. These professionals do their job day in day out, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, Holidays and snow days. Each Hook is either working a minimum hourly wage or working on call each and every day. These Professionals are on call to you with your roadside issue, may it be you mistakenly locked your keys in your car, you have a flat tire, your battery died or you just need your vehicle transported from one location to another. They are also called daily by your local Police Department to assist them with citation issues, transportation of their vehicles, and worsely accident scenes. (These accident scenes being everything from a fender bender to a car that was totalled due to someone driving drunk or texting, to Fatalities.) These HERO'S OF THE ROAD also get called by insurance companies, loan agencies and property owners to do a job that most of us will not even attempt to even think about; These jobs that most of us even show hate, torwards the driver or the companies for doing what they are just hired(contracted) to do. Ulimately they know they will get any series of hate towards them; may it be yelling, assualt, or even worse shot at or attempted to be run over but they continue to do their job for you!.

In saving lives, we at Hooks Home Bound Rescue show you that Hooks are HEROS OF THE HOOK with out a magical cape and should be shown the respect they truelly deserve.  How do we do this? We promote the SLOW DOWN/MOVE OVER laws in our states. We also show you what laws you can follow on your daily life to Protect not only yourself on the road but Hooks as well. As we move forward we will be attachting ourselves to great programs to go deeper in assisting our Hooks. We ask that you join us as we move forward.

Slow Down / Move Over means when you see an emergency vehicle, with emergency lights on, including Tow Trucks, you must slow down to 20 miles per hour under the posted speed limit and move over one lane if possible to give a full lane of  "working space" for the emergency crew. 

These laws most people do not even know exist, let alone know that Tow truck drivers are included. If people do not know they exist how can they follow them? So please continue to spread the word that these laws are there. In following these laws you protect all emergency crews, incuding our Hooks. 

Currently as of 2014 the average number emergency personel that die on the roadside is astonishing:

The  unofficial estimated numbers are

5 Fire Fighter per year, 

1 Police officer per month

1 Hook (tow truck driver) every 6 days 

In memory of those Hooks that have fallen we have placed a memorial wall on our website. If you know a Hook that has died in the line of duty please let us know, so we can remember them as well, by filling out the simple form on the top of the Fallen Hero's wall

Home Bound:

This section of our name basically explains itself. Home Bound is where each and every one of us want to go: HOME.

Enroute to our home emergencies can happen, we get delayed, or we plan items on the way. 

In our Rescue, as we save the animals we become a stopping point on their way HOME.As they are going Home Bound with us we let them rest, recover, and if need be rehabilitate, from the pressues of their lives.  We also are committed in find the best Home possible for these animals.

On their way Home, each animal will receive a full work up,  Vaccinations, Micro-chip,  Sterilization,  and as you give one of our pets a Home you will receive assistance in Licensing. If you are in need of other assistance you can contact us on our Animal Reference Contact form.


When many think Rescue, they think risking their lives to save another! This is exactly right with us. Our Voluteers and staff risk their lives in saving the animals from harms way; may it be at high kill shelters,  in the streets, deserts, or woods these animals will be saved.

We promise to do what we can to fight irresponsible ownership, Animal abuse, Animal fighting, and assist these animals that undergo trials that humans put on them. We also rescue the low income residence in our area who own animals by seeking and offering Low cost Sterilzation clinics, Low cost Shot and Microchip Clinics, and providing dog and cat food to qualified recipients.

In fighting irresposible ownership we promote finding a suitable home for your pet. We do not believe that you need to take your pet to a high kill shelter or even worse dump your pet into the streets, deserts, or woods to fend for themselves.  We also promote many ways on how you can be a resposible pet owner. 

In fighting Animal Abuse we promote proper ownership of each and every animal, and we are not afraid to respond to calls that need our assistance to get an animal to safety. There are many laws to distinguish animal abuse, even though some are not clear we will go over each abuse and what can be or can not be abuse.

In doing away with Animal Fighting we show what animals face in the hands of irresponsible pet owners. We also receive calls from many who know of animal fighting and assist those animals in recovering from their wounds. We believe all animal fighting should be illegal may it be for profit or not. Even though some areas promote bans on "breeds" of dogs to help fight animal fighting we know these bans are not helping the issue of fighting. It is the owners responsibilty to keep animals from fighting not the animals fault if people make them fight or choose to allow animals to fight.

We receive many calls for "stray" or "Dumped" animals and we are not afraid to help these babies who have been betrayed by their previous owners. In our rescue we will do what we can to find, rescue, protect, and recover these poor animals that have to fend for their own. 

When we set a Rescue Mission we look to either assist that animal with what it may need, or place that animal into a new home by networking the animal. Some of the animals may need a place to call Home, that we save from the streets, desert or woods. At times we may not have an available foster, or space, or funding for a pet in need so we ask others to assist us. If you would like to assist us in Helping the animals you may contact us on our website or facebook page. If you would like to view any of our available animals you can do this as well on our site. If you would like to send a donation to us there are many ways you can do this just go to our website and view all the ways to send your donation.

We thank you again for joining us in saving lives

and remember:

"No matter if they are 2 pawed or 4 pawed they are still famiy

so Slow Down and Move Over

to save Hooks and Paws!"

We can only do this with support from you.

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