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Allie needs a special home! Her shyness makes her very reserved, but patient of new situations. Her new home will need to give her time to come to them and not expect Allie to be adaptable right away. 

After becoming adjusted to the new home, Allie shows  her true side of love, even though reservations are still there. She loves to cuddle and thinks she is a lap dog, giving kisses and sleeping at your feet. 

She would be a great emotional support animal, as she too, has emotional issues. 

Outside in her yard, she loves to play and fetch balls, especially footballs and frisbees.

She would need to be in a home as  the only pet, but does ok with smaller dogs as long as they give her space and time to adjust. 

Alllie would be a great house dog as she does not do well in dog parks and depends on her handler in public to keep her safe.  



Blue came to us as a temporary home from his previous owner, who was unable to care for him anymore! This dorky boy loves all human companionship, even though he does not do well with other Pets! This guy loves to run and play but beware as he plays with his rope you are in for hours of fun! 

Up to date fixed and chipped, this guy is as healthy as they could be and he shows it with his pure strength, gentle touch and intelligence! 



Frieda is a special girl who needs a special home. She is crate trained, house trained, and shows all her love. 

Being a Bull Terrier, she is the clown of all dogs, and yes, she will bring laughter into whatever home that wants her forver. Jumping and playing are her favorite things to do. 

Due to her breed, a intense home check and references will be required.  

Even though Frieda is lovable and gentle, some home insurance companies will not insure her breed. Please speak with your insurance prior to applying. 



Eastwood came back into our rescue after being adopted for over a year! A young, 1 year and 8 month old, Husky/ Great Dane mix was rescued when her was 3 months old, adopted and returned to us.

He loves to play and enjoy life. He is crate and house trained and will take ovr your couch if you let him. 

Eastwood would need a large property as he continues to grow. 



Koda came to u from a sister rescue! Unfortuantely that rescue no longer had space for such a large, active dog! He is completely up to date, fixed and chipped and would need a large home with lots of property to run! it is recommended he be with an alpha owner who knows how to handle a larger breed dog! Koda is about 5 years old and is a Ridgeback mix! He is leash, crate, house and minor trick trained!

Before applying to adopt Koda please speak with your home insurance company to insure the breed would be covered in your home insurance!


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These babies are placed on a hold due to medical , mental or even legal status!
Be advised you may still inquire about adoption but until the hold has cleared they can not be released!